Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media allows for instant interaction between large numbers of people at any given time.  Using social media give your small business the ability to:

  • Attract new customers.
  • Hear from individual customers.
  • Build trust by engaging with your target audience.
  • Strengthen relationships with your customers.
  • Give potential customers the opportunity to experience and become familiar with your company before they purchase their products or services.


It’s Just Good Marketing to Go and Engage Where Your Customers Are … On Social Media.


Social Media Marketing Strategy

You need to know your social media goals and what you are trying to achieve.

A comprehensive strategy for social media marketing includes:

  • Objectives
  • Social media audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Choose the right platform
  • Online brand persona and voice
  • Content
  • Measure ROI

“Social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan.” – Unknown


Social Media Audit

We’ll review what’s working, what’s failing and what can be improved upon across your social media platforms. It includes:

  • Evaluating your social media profiles
  • Branding:  Your brand should be immediately recognizable across all of your social media profiles.   Images, bios and URLs.
  • Posting frequency
  • Follower count
  • Engagement
  • Identify your most shared content
  • Referral traffic
  • Platform specific metrics


Marketing a business successfully on social media requires posting content and engaging with followers at least once a day depending on the platform.

Although many small business owners realize the benefits of having a social media presence and want to be active on their chosen platforms, they can’t seem to find the time to do it right.

We can help you leverage the power of social media to attract, connect and engage directly with customers and in the process achieve a competitive advantage.


Our Done-For-You Social Media Services Include:

1| Social Media Management

  • Optimize social media profiles
  • Engage and grow social media audience.
  • Find and produce great content to keep followers engaged.


Platforms that we work with:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram


2| Social Media Advertising

A small business is often better served by using Social Media Advertising. It’s one of the most cost effective ways to gain exposure online.

It can help you boost the reach of your content, grow your online community and capture the interest of prospective customers.


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