Back to Basics :: Direct Mail

Just a few years ago, businesses had only a handful of marketing tools available at their disposal; now they have dozens of them.

Small business owners need to remain relevant and it’s important to adapt and embrace the change.  But, like many areas of business, marketing is not black and white.

Traditional marketing still has a vital role to play in getting your brand’s message into the hands of your customers. In fact, those tried-and-true marketing tactics can make you stand out in a crowd of businesses who rely on social media and email alone. One of those tactics is direct mail.

Direct mail is about building new relationships and getting the word out about your business. Identifying and understanding your ideal customer will help you target those most likely to respond and is the key to a successful direct mail campaign.

direct mail is still a relevant marketing tactic for small businesses

Direct Mail Tips

1| Decide on your objectives and the results you want to achieve. Are you introducing a new product/service, raising brand awareness or retaining customers? The ultimate objective, of course, is to generate more sales.

2| Depending on your business and budget you can use postcards, brochures, newsletters, or letters.

3| Develop your mailing list either in house using your existing contacts or by purchasing (or renting) a list.

4| Tailor the message to your target audience.

5| Feature a compelling offer to help boost response and track results.

6| Include your website, social media addresses to drive traffic online.

7| Keep in mind that direct campaign usually works in multiples. You might have a send a mailing more than once to be successful.


Although direct mail can be expensive for the small business owner, it’s still a relevant marketing tactic.

Use direct mail to introduce your business or a new service to your target audience instead of having them go online to find your business and possibly stumble on your competitor’s website.

Both traditional and online tools are important for success today; integrate them to drive new opportunities to your business.

My Marketor can help you find the right mix of online and traditional techniques to drive new opportunities to your business.

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