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The social media checklist below was created by Sprout Social.  Although it’s geared towards social media managers, it’s a good starting point for small business owners who want to take their social media marketing to the next level.

Social Media Checklist | #SocialMediaMarketing


Daily Social Media Checklist

Respond to inbound social messages

Social media is becoming a popular channel for customer service. Your customers will ask for help, complain or say thank you online just as they would offline. The difference is that everyone can see their comments.

If you do not engage and respond to those comments, other customers and potential clients will think that you do not take customer satisfaction seriously.

Monitor and respond to brand mentions

It’s important to monitor social conversations mentioning your company even when people don’t actually tag you. Use a social media monitoring tool to track keywords signaling a conversation you should join.

Create conversations with brand advocates

Do you have customers who frequently mention your company and share your content on their social networks? Nurture those relationships and celebrate those fans by engaging with them.

Find and engage with potential customers

You can also monitor social media feeds for prospective customers by tracking keywords that indicate that someone is looking for your product or service.

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Research the social media industry

Social media is constantly changing with new networks and/or new techniques. As a small business owner it’s a good idea to keep up or you can be left behind.

One of the resources that I use and recommend for social media tips, news  and updates  is Social Media Examiner. Or follow us on Twitter or Pinterest for updates on social media and marketing for small businesses.

Load your social editorial calendar

Schedule your posts in advance … but don’t forget to engage on a timely basis.

How many times should you be posting?

  • Three to six times on Twitter
  • One to two times on Facebook
  • Two to three times to Google+
  • One to three times to Instagram
  • One to two times to LinkedIn

Study your products and services

If you are delegating your social media, make sure that your social media manager knows and understands your products and services so that they can answer your frequently asked questions on the spot.

Monitor the competition

Social media gives you a great way to “spy” on your competitors. You can find out what they are doing, what type of content is being shared, positive or negative reviews from their clients, etc.

Since time is always an issue for small business owners, follow one or two competitors on a daily basis and take some time once a week to check the others.

Work on a blog post

A blog is a great way to share information that your audience can benefit from and also direct traffic to your website.  This, after all, is the ultimate goal of your social media marketing.

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Weekly Social Media Checklist

Engage with thought leaders

Every industry has thought leaders. They are the experts that people turn to for the latest tips, techniques and news.

Establish a relationship with those industry leaders so that they can find out about your products and services and recommend you to their followers.

Engage with marketing partners

A marketing partnership is a collaboration between two or more businesses that either share a current customer base or a related one. The goal is to be able to market products or services to new and qualified audiences.

Engage with your marketing partners online in order to strengthen those relationships. Here is a good article by AmEx OPEN Forum on How to Form Great Marketing Partnerships.

Discuss tactics with your team

If you are delegating your social media, take some time to go over the trends that they notice and plan accordingly.

Run your social media analytics

Use social media analytics tools to find out which content is popular with your audience and which network gives you the best results. Use this information to tweak your social media marketing strategy.

Encourage sharing through employee advocacy

Your best brand ambassadors are your employees. Encourage them to follow you and share your content on their social media platforms.


Monthly Social Media Checklist

Audit your strategy

Similar to the social media analytics above, the monthly audit goes much deeper into the data. Here is a great post by Social Media Examiner on how to do a comprehensive social media audit.

Attend local events

Be social, mingle with local business owners and learn new tips and strategies that you can apply to your business.

Detox from social media

Social media can be addictive, distracting and overwhelming at time …Take a break.

Collaborate with other departments

Can other department or managers in your company benefit from using social media?


Quarterly Social Media Checklist

Assess key performance indicators

Measure and analyze your social media analytics quarterly to determine if your tactics are delivering the results that you want?

Adjust quarterly goals

Knowing what’s working and what’s not, will help you refine your social media marketing strategies and tactics and reach your desired goal.

Gauge team capacity and needs

Have you reached your goals? Do you have enough people resources to reach your future goals? Do you need to bring someone else to help you?

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Happy Marketing!

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