What Is Online Marketing?

Is Online Marketing Voodoo Marketing?

Sure sounds like it, doesn’t it? With Online Marketing, it seems like all you need to do is to get various magic ingredients such as SEO, SEM, PPC, SM (just to name a few). Combine them with a sprinkle of emails and the right mix of content.

Don’t forget the Online Marketing spell! Hand your carefully crafted formula to the high Voodoo Marketing priest, also known as the ever changing Google Algorithm and VOILA! …

Your tweets are being re-tweeted. Posts are being shared and going viral. Website traffic is to the roof. Email list is growing. Your phone is ringing off the hook. There is a line of customers every morning waiting for your doors to open. And/ or you are receiving tons of emails everyday from customers who want to purchase your products or services.

Just like magic, Online Marketing worked! It’s time to throw away the “old” marketing and embrace the “new” marketing.

What Is Online Marketing?


Who needs the 4 P’s when you can use PPC (Pay Per Click)?

You do! Before we go any further, I just want to say that the old marketing fundamentals might not sound too exciting.

But to be successful, online or offline, a business still needs to market: The Right Product to the Right People at the Right Price in the Right Place and at the Right Time.

And yes, PPC (Patience, Perseverance and Consistency) does help. So now back to our subject…


What Is Online Marketing?

Online marketing, also known as internet marketing, refers to the different tactics used to promote products and services on the internet.  The goal of online marketing is to drive direct sales via eCommerce and/or sales leads from a business website or emails.

Online marketing is a tool in your promotional mix. It helps small businesses establish a connection with their target customers online, start a dialog and encourage loyalty.


Why Is Online Marketing So Important For A Small Business?

Simply stated:

If your ideal customers do not know about you; you cannot be an option in their purchase decision.

And, because more and more of your potential customers are browsing the internet everyday looking for information to make their purchase decisions; marketing online is becoming a must for small businesses to remain competitive.


Where to Start?

Start with a business website and/or blog. This is the most valuable piece of your online marketing strategy.

Your website should be the home base for all your online marketing efforts because it is THE online location that you own and can control.

It’s usually the first place your customers and prospects will go to find out about your company, products, prices, contact information and much more.


Most Effective And Popular Online Marketing Tactics Are

Email marketing

The online version of direct mail, email is an easy, effective and affordable way to reach out to your customers and future customers.

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Content marketing

Is used to build relationships with your target audience as well as encourage repeat visits and sales   by producing valuable and relevant content. Remember:  in the online marketing world, content is king!

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Social media marketing

Promote your business or  website on different  social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

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Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving the visibility of a web site in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. NOTE:  SEO focuses on organic search results not paid ads.

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Pay Per Click Ads are paid online advertising that let you reach your target customers quickly.


Advantages of Online Marketing


With online marketing, your business is open around the clock. Customers can research and purchase your products and services when it’s convenient for them.



The internet now gives your small business a global reach and access to thousands of future customers. Imagine, someone in Europe planning a trip to Miami can, within two clicks, find out about your products or services and put you on their trip “must-go-to” list.



Marketing your products and services online can be done at a fraction of traditional advertising budgets.



Future customers can be targeted more effectively online.



You can track the results of your marketing efforts.  Use free tools like Google Analytics to help you track how your online advertising translates into web traffic.


I wish I could tell you that using any of the tools above will magically improve your business overnight.  But, there is no magic when it comes to marketing your business. The best Voodoo Marketing tips I can share with you are to:

1| Establish your Marketing Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics,

2| Be consistent,

3| Measure your marketing efforts on a regular basis and

4| Keep refining your marketing strategies and tactics.

Now your next step is deciding the right Online Marketing tactics that will help you reach your target market and translate into sales.

BUT, if you still feel that Online Marketing is Voodoo Marketing, contact MyMarketor. No, we do not claim to be Voodoo Marketing Priestesses but, we might have a tip or two to help you market your business online!


Happy Marketing!