How To Use Facebook For Business

Facebook is the social media giant. According to its latest numbers, Facebook has 1.55 billion active users. Since 72% of adult internet users are on Facebook, its size alone is a positive for any business.

Facebook provides a great platform for small businesses interested in building a community of loyal customers. How do you use Facebook for business?

How to use facebook for business

How to Use Facebook for Business

Create A Facebook Business Page

This way, you keep business and personal separate. Also, business pages are public and search engines can index the page.

A Recognizable Profile Picture Is A Must

Because your profile picture appears at the top of your Page and is used as your thumbnail for all your posts, use a high-quality photo or logo that brands your company well and that your fans will actually associate with your brand.

Consistency Is The Name Of The Game

Don’t change your profile picture very often and use the same image on all social platforms.

Create Engaging Cover Photos

The cover photo is the first thing people see when they visit your page. Choose a cover photo that shows the benefits of using your product or service, highlight a new product or resource that you are offering, announce a contest or an event.

Cover photos are clickable, so you can add a short story about your company and include the link to your website. Engaging customers through storytelling is the best form of engagement.

Fill Out Your Company’s “About” Section

The “About” section is one of the first things visitors see upon landing on a Facebook page. Help answer their questions by filling out all relevant information about your business including what you do, your website, hours of operation, etc.


If you have a physical store, make sure the geotagging on your Facebook Business Page is setup, so that when a customer check-in, all their friends will see it.


Use the call-to-action button to drive your Facebook followers to your site or to join your mailing list.

Personalize Your URL to Make Your Page Easier to Find

When choosing your URL, make it the same as your company’s website URL if available. For example if your business website is , choose

Facebook Groups

Create a community of engaged followers by using a private Facebook Group to reward your super fans and/or customers with exclusive deals and events, live chats, training, etc.


What to Post on Facebook

People like your page because they want to know more about your company, so posting about your products and services is a great start but it should not stop there.

Think of Facebook as a conversation at a party … you are not just going to talk about yourself all night. So don’t post about your business all the time. After all, Facebook is a SOCIAL media.

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Simple Posting Schedule

This sample posting schedule provides post ideas for a week. Use this as a guide or inspiration of what to post to your Facebook Page. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and find your business unique online “voice”.

Monday – Behind the scenes, company news, new staff announcements, company life and events

Tuesday – Share your new blog post

Wednesday – Share humorous image or phrase

Thursday – Interact with your audience:  ask a question or share a contest

Friday – Post promotional opportunities, retail specials, giveaways, events, etc.

Saturday – Post “how-to’s”, trends, inspiration, video, demonstration

Sunday – Share an inspirational or short quote


You can’t ignore Facebook but you have to be consistent and make the commitment of both time and money to be successful. Think about what would convince your target audience to “Like” your page.

What information can you provide that is so interesting that they will look forward to your posts when they log in to Facebook?

Have fun with Facebook. Be social … and watch your Facebook page grow.

Happy Posting!

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