Is Twitter A Good Social Media Platform For Your Small Business?

Post updated 11/08/2017

Twitter seems to be the medium of choice for many to get their message out.

But, is Twitter a good social media platform for your small business?

How To Use Twitter to Market Your Small Business

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform which gives small businesses the opportunity to:

  • Connect with their customers.
  • Build trust.
  • Keep an eye out on their competitors.
  • Get feedback.
  • Create buzz about their company.
  • Promote their website/blog.
  • Interact directly with customers, influencers and other brands.
  • Generate ideas.
  • Position the company or the owner as an industry expert.

This platform is easy to learn and use; and stands alone in its ability to create a huge and relevant audience quickly.

Don’t forget the added bonus of the Google and Twitter partnership increasing the visibility of tweets in both desktop and mobile searches.


To tweet or not to tweet?

No matter what industry your company is in, you can join Twitter and have an impact.

Before your start, consider the following:

  • Are your customers active on the platform?
  • Are your competitors using this channel?
  • Do you have the time to be active on the platform? (Minimum time requirement: 2 hours per week.)
  • Are you comfortable with or do you like using this platform?

Here are The Cuban Guys, a small restaurant chain in Miami, using Twitter to gain a dedicated following and taking advantage of digital word-of-mouth marketing.

The Cuban Guys on Twitter

How do you start?

Sign up for an account

Set up your business profile with a brief bio, location, and add a link to your website.

With this done, your basic Twitter account is ready.


How to use twitter effectively

Determine what you want to accomplish.

It can be to:

  • Increase followers.
  • Drive traffic to your blog, website or store.
  • Create sales opportunities.
  • Position yourself as an industry expert.
  • Or use the platform as a customer service channel.

This will determine who you want to reach on Twitter.


Connect with others

Twitter allows you to connect with others as soon as you fill out your profile.

Invite the people you know and already have relationships with.  For example:

  • Link the account to your Facebook page for additional Tweet exposure.
  • Send an email to your list of email contacts.
  • Link your website to Twitter.
  • Post signs in your store or office.

You’ll also receive recommendations on who to follow, whether it’s celebrities, athletes, comedians, business leaders or musicians.

“Following” is what you do when you want to see a person’s updates. When people are interested in your updates, they become followers.


What do you tweet about?

Twitter is a great tool for businesses wanting to reach out to people and needing immediate feedback.

  • Use the platform for breaking news, ‘as-it-happens’ updates, and questions.
  • Share your blog posts.
  • Tweet about your products or services.
  • Retweet shareworthy posts, use the letters RT or the word Retweet then @theirusername. Or just click on the retweet button.
  • Share behind-the-scenes photos from your business.
  • Tweet (or retweet) about a fan.
  • Tweet about community events in your hometown.

There are many things to tweet about. Those are just a few ideas to get you going.


You are limited to 140 characters, but it’s best to use only 120 so people can “retweet” you easily using RT @username in front of your post.

Starting November 7, 2017 Twitter officially expanded its character count to 280. Use 260 characters so people can “retweet” you easily using RT @username in front of your post.


Twitter Tips

1| Tweet about your small business, tweet and retweet other’s content as well.

2| Images are shared heavily on Twitter. A picture can be worth a thousand tweets.

3| Twitter is often the media of choice for customers’ questions and customer service inquiries. You may also get complaintsAnswer everything – questions, complaints, and compliments. This builds loyalty.

4| Post at least 3 times per day.

5| Use hashtags (#). It allows your content to reach a larger audience and targets people who are searching for exactly what you can provide them.

6| The Twitter feed moves faster than any of the other social media platforms. You can find conversations on business tips, the state of government affairs, or the latest celebrity drama.  All this happens in real time.  Use lists to group people and businesses you follow into useful categories.

7| Media attachments such as GIFs, photos, polls, and videos do not count toward your 280 characters, and the @names in Tweet replies doesn’t either.


Useful tools

Hootsuite or Buffer let you schedule your tweets in advance.


Measure and monitor your success

Use Twitter Analytics to help you identify weak areas in your strategy. See what tweets perform best and if you are reaching your target audience.


In Conclusion

If you know that your customers are already active on Twitter, start tweeting now.

The key to being successful on Twitter is to be active, reply to people and retweet.

Not enough time to make social media work? We are just one click away to HELP YOU GET IT DONE.


Happy Tweeting!