Spring Clean Your Social Media Marketing

Spring is the traditional time to purge old stuff that no longer serve us, freshen up and spruce up our homes.  It’s also a good time to spring clean your social media, update and optimize your profiles.

Spring Clean Your Social Media Marketing


Here are a few tips to help you spring clean your social media marketing.

Assess your social media marketing

What social media networks are you using as part of your marketing?

□Facebook     □Twitter     □ LinkedIn     □ Pinterest     □ Instagram     □ Google+     □YouTube     □SlideShare    □Other:

  • Did you gain more followers/subscribers/users? If not, maybe it’s not where your target audience is.
  • Check Google Analytics and find out which social media platform brings the most traffic to your site.
  • Do you regularly update your social media networks with fresh content? A social media profile that has not been updated for months does not look good for your company; visitors might get the impression that you are no longer in business.

If a social platform has not been updated for months and/or you do not see any growth. It’s time to let it go.

Once you decide which social media platform(s) you want to keep…


Audit your images and bios

Since your social media profiles are an extension of your brand, do your current profile pictures, cover photo and bios reflect your company?

  • Update your profile picture by replacing it with a new professional headshot or your current company logo.
  • Don’t forget your cover photo. It might need a small makeover as well.
  • Update your bios and/or about section. Although each platform is different, it’s important to stay consistent and keep bio descriptions similar. Include clear and concise descriptions of your business, and make sure you have a link back to your website. The goal of social media is to direct people to your website.
  • Update your contact information and check if the links are working.


Control access to your social media accounts.

Do you know which apps have permission to access your accounts? There could be more than you think.  Check this article to find out  How to Remove Dormant Apps from Your Social Accounts. 

Review your account administrators and remove employee’s access where applicable to avoid security issues.  You do not want an ex-employee having access to your social accounts do you?

Consider changing your passwords. It’s a pain, I know, but a necessary evil.


Review your posts

What and when are you posting?

  • Are there any posts that may be considered inappropriate for your business account?   Even though anything published online lives forever, delete any inappropriate posts and be mindful in the future.
  • Are you using social media publishing tools to save you time? Here are some tools that you can use: SproutSocial, Hootsuite or TweetDeck.
  • Use the platforms’ analytics or insights to help you measure your success and determine what content resonates with your audience.

Consider advertising on social media to help you expend your audience.


Take a look at your “Likes”, “Friends” or “Followers”

  • Clean out any spammers, fake or inactive accounts.
  • “Unlike” pages that are no longer relevant on Facebook.
  • Leave LinkedIn groups that are no longer useful.


Are you promoting your social media profiles?

Promote your profile(s) on your website, in store (if you have a brick and mortar), business cards, email signatures, any print advertising, e-newsletters, and don’t forget to cross promote with your other social profiles.


Is it time to try something new?

You are doing well with your Facebook page or Twitter account.

  • Is there another social media platform that you would like to try?
  • Is your audience on Instagram or Pinterest?
  • Or, are you targeting a new audience?

Do some research and set up a profile to test a new platform.


Hope that those tips inspire you to spring clean your social media marketing, find out what’s working, what’s not and what can be improved. Knowing what’s working and what’s not, will help you refine your social media marketing strategy and tactics and reach your desired goal.


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Happy Cleaning!