Six Essential Small Business Marketing Questions

It’s getting more difficult for small businesses to attract and retain customers who can change vendors with the click of a mouse.

Those small business marketing challenges usually revolve around six essential questions.

Six Essential Small Business Marketing Questions


Answer these essential small business marketing questions:

1| Who are you marketing to?

“Everyone” is not the right answer. It is important to determine who your ideal customer is in order to:

  • Engage them in their preferred media, online and offline,
  • Develop a strong relationship,
  • Be in the customer’s mind when he or she first thinks of needing your product or service, and
  • Make better use of your most valuable resources – time and money – to generate additional sales.

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2| How will you create awareness of your business?

If they do not know about you; you cannot be an option in their purchase decision.

There are many options for promoting your business. Where to invest your marketing dollars will depend on your business, industry and target customers.

Keep in mind that 89% of your potential customers will go online first to choose between your company and the competition, so …

You must not only establish but also maintain an online presence if you want to remain competitive. Because, if your potential customers can’t find you online, you are not an option in their purchase decision.

Online options include: blogging, social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email newsletters, and/or videos, just to name a few.

You can, depending on your target market,  have an integrated marketing approach to create top-of-mind awareness  by using traditional marketing tactics such as networking, direct mail, or trade shows, with online marketing.


3| What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Why do customers choose your business over your competitors’ and why should they keep coming back if your business is NOT the biggest, the cheapest, or the only one providing your product or service?

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4| What objections or fears prevent potential customers from buying your products or services?

There are four main fears that customers have when making a purchase decision:

  1. Paying too much
  2. Being disappointed
  3. Looking bad. What will others think?
  4. Change

Here is a great article by SalesForce on overcoming common sales objections.


5| How do you delight your customers?

Providing excellent customer service gives small businesses a unique advantage to be remarkable and outshine mega companies and other competitors.

The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to delight them.

  • Identifying your customer,
  • learning about your customer will help you …
  • make your customers feel special so that they want to come back, do more business with your company and recommend you to their friends.

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6| Why will customers recommend you to their friends or associates?

How will you turn customers into promoters or advocated for your business?

Word of Mouth is still the most cost-effective marketing tool for a small business to attract new customers and increase sales. It can happen anytime and anywhere, online and offline.

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Being as specific as you can in your answers will help you create your small business marketing strategy regardless of industry.

Finding time for regular and consistent marketing can be difficult because there is always other “business stuff” that takes priority.

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Happy Marketing!