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Think that your small business is too small for a marketing strategy? Think again.

Without marketing, your business may offer the best products or services in your industry but …

If your ideal customers do not know about you; you cannot be an option in their purchase decision.


Having a Marketing Strategy Will Help You:

• Make better decision on where to spend your marketing resources (time, money and people)

• Stay focused and consistent in your approach

• Prioritize and plan how to reach your target audience, connect and engage with your customers and ideal customers.

• Avoid a “hit or miss” marketing strategy


Our Process for Getting Results:

1| Collaborative Approach to Marketing Strategy

Not only will we consider your product, your location (if applicable) and your customer demographics but also your passion, your personality, and your purpose … why you do what you do.

Why? …  Because nowadays people want to purchase from authentic brands, they strive to create a connection between a company, its products and services, and its people.  As a small business owner, YOU ARE THE BUSINESS so your input is very important.


2| The Marketing Budget

A business owner’s least favorite topic, it’s difficult to talk about money. But we all need to know where we stand. You are probably working with a down-to-earth budget and have to make it go a long way, we understand. We’ll tailor your marketing strategy according to your budget and allocate to have the biggest impact. Remember, you don’t have to do it all at once.

Not sure how much to budget for marketing? Read this Post


3| The Marketing Assessment

We will assess your previous marketing efforts. Keep the tactics that were successful in bringing in new business and make recommendations on those which did not live to their promises.


4| Identify And Understand Your Target Market – your ideal customer

Who does your business serve best? By identifying your ideal customer we are not excluding anyone; we are defining who your primary customer will be so that we can tailor your message and make better use of your most valuable resources – time, money and people – to generate additional sales.

Understanding who your ideal customer is and how he/she behaves is the foundation of your marketing strategy.

The best small business marketing strategy is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last.


5| Competitive Analysis

Understanding your competition is just as important as understanding your target market. By knowing what your competitors are doing, you can better position your products or services and define what makes you unique.


6| Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your small business is unique.   Your unique Selling Proposition answers the question:  “Why do customers choose your business over your competitors’ and why should they keep coming back if your business is NOT the biggest, the cheapest, or the only one providing your product or service?”


7| Develop an online and offline marketing strategy

The final step is to customize a marketing strategy for your business to take advantage of a variety of platforms and tactics to attract new customers, retain existing customers while also strengthen your brand.


Implementing the strategy

Strategy means nothing if you don’t implement. Having a marketing strategy is a start but you need to implement it in order to see results.

We will hand you your marketing playbook chock full of recommendations, tactics and tools and easy to execute. But for those who do not have time and needs help bringing their marketing strategy to life, how about our DONE-FOR-YOU MARKETING SERVICES?


Mistakes are costly. So is procrastination. GET STARTED NOW: Head over to the CONTACT page and kick-start your success today. LET’S GROW YOUR BUSINESS!