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You know that marketing is important to generate new sales and revenue for your business BUT finding time for regular and consistent marketing is difficult because there is always other “business stuff” that demand your attention.

  • You have a “Hit or Miss” approach to marketing:
  • You send random emails to your customers when you think about it or when you need to sell something.
  • You have a Facebook page but your first post was also your last.
  • You heard that Instagram was the next big thing in social media but if you don’t have time for Facebook where are you going to find time for Instagram? And how will this help your business anyway?
  • When someone asks if you have a marketing strategy in place, you laugh and ask if pinning quotes and stuff on Pinterest counts (Only if it sends people to your website.)
  • And then you have to worry about: SEO (Something Extremely Obscure), PPC, CTA, keywords to name a few and don’t forget #Hashtags.  Online Marketing Terms You Should Know

You need help with your marketing!


We’re ready to help with:

1| Marketing Strategy

Think your small business is too small for a marketing strategy? Think again. Having a marketing strategy in place will help you make better decision on where to spend your marketing resources (time, money and people) … Read More


2| Social Media Marketing

Social Media can be overwhelming for small businesses. There are so many different platforms to choose from but, what do they all do? How do you use them? Should you be Liking, Pinning, Tweeting, or Insta Storying? Where do you find your target audience? … Read More


3| Done For You Marketing

Strategy means nothing if you don’t implement. Having a marketing strategy is a start but you need to implement it in order to see results. Consistency always wins over “Hit or Miss”.

For those who do not have time and needs help bringing their marketing strategy to life we can help you get it done … Read More