How To Create Your Marketing Calendar

The 2018 Marketing Calendar Is Here!

Although very simple The Monthly Planning Marketing Calendar is one of the most powerful tools I use at My Marketor both in my business and with clients.

It’s low-tech (putting pen to paper) but I found that it’s easier to plan the work and work the plan when you write it down. There is power in writing things down to achieve your goals … The pen is mightier than the keyboard.

Check out this great Inc. article on The Power of Writing, Not Typing, Your Ideas

Once you have your plan in place, transfer your dates into a digital format if it’s easier for you to keep up with. You want to keep your calendar within easy access.

Free Download :: 2018 Marketing Calendar

2018 Marketing Calendar

The 2018 Marketing Calendar is full of holidays and events to help you promote your business.

Use it to:

Coordinate your marketing efforts.

Develop a content calendar.

Keep your message consistent.

Spread out your marketing budget throughout the year.

Plan for staffing needs.

Track and measure your marketing efforts.


Tips to get you started with your 2018 Marketing Calendar

Step 1: Download your marketing calendar

Print your calendar and get a pencil and eraser.  Better yet, use a Frixon (it’s an erasable pen made by Pilot), you can find it at any office supply stores. You will never go back to using pencils again.


Step 2: Write your personal occasions and commitments



Special events

Vacations, etc.

Scheduling your personal occasions and commitments first will help you strike a healthy work-life balance: your life then your business.


Step 3: Write in your business “must-do”

Trade shows

Product launches,

Staff training,

Promotional activities and

Other business events.


Step 4: Review your previous year

Make note of the business trends that you noticed over the years such as time when business slows down and picks up.  Use the slow seasons to your advantage.

Which marketing tactics have worked in the past? For example, if you always had a great back to school promotion in the past, add it to the calendar now so you are ready to promote when the time comes.

Fill in the monthly themes that you want to use to promote your products or services. We pre-filled the calendar with many events and holidays to get you started.

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Step 5: Focus on the three months ahead

Work backwards, for example, how much time will it take to be ready for that product launch? What do you need to do to make that launch successful: initial planning, content calendar, pricing, distribution, training, etc.? Give yourself enough time to deliver quality work.


Step 6: Share it with your team

Now that you filled out your 2018 Marketing Calendar, share it with your team to keep them abreast of all upcoming campaigns.


Stick to your schedule, but stay open and flexible … your Marketing Calendar is not written in stone.

Measure your marketing efforts on a regular basis (quarterly), assess what is working and what is not, make improvements, and update your calendar as needed.

As a small business owner finding time for regular and consistent marketing can be difficult because there is always other “business stuff” that takes priority.

So if you’d like help getting setup with your 2018 Marketing Calendar, just send us an email via the Contact form.  We can also help you with implementation and staying on track with your plan.