How Often Should You Post To Social Media?

What should I post on social networks and how often should I post it?

 How Often Should You post To Social Media Those are questions that I hear a lot from small business owners, to answer them I found this useful infographic created by Constant Contact.

Social media platforms are all different; each has their unique community and their own set of expectations. For example:

FACEBOOK is a low volume/high value network. The sweet spot for posting to Facebook is one to two times daily. Make each post count by offering something valuable or interesting to your followers.

TWITTER is a high volume/low value network. The average tweet only lasts between one to two hours so to be top of mind with your audience you need to post at least five times a day. Share your blog posts or curated content from other sources.

LINKEDIN is a low volume/high value network. It’s a business-oriented social networking platform and users do not expect you to post constantly, two to five times a week is generally enough.