Face to Face Meetings Still Matter

Telephone calls, video conferences, virtual meetings, social media, e-mails are just some of the tools that small business owners depend on to communicate with their customers. But technology is not always the answer. I was reminded of this last week.

I was working on a project with a client and after exchanging several emails and playing phone tag, it was getting nowhere. We decided to meet in person and sure enough after ½ hour of an uninterrupted face to face meeting, we could move forward on the project.

Face To Face Meetings Still Matter

Here Are 4 Reasons Why Face to Face Meetings Still Matter

1| Body Language

Body language plays a key role in communication. In fact 55% of communication is visual. Facial expressions, body postures, and hand gestures can send signals stronger than words and provide insights that are critical in gaining an understanding of others’ perspectives. This is lost with electronic communication.


2| Clarification

It’s easier and faster to clear up confusion and make it all understandable in a face to face meeting than via email or telephone. You can get to the heart of the matter, ask questions, get your answers right away, and ultimately make better decisions.


3| Insights

Going to your customer’s place of business let you notice things that your client would not think about telling you. You can find out about their likes, their dislikes, their personality and therefore be more effective when working with them.


4| Trust

Face to face meetings play a major role in establishing trust and credibility. People are more confident in assessing your skills face to face. Building trust leads to solid long term business relationships and help you grow your business.


Technology helps small business owners save time and money, communicate across distances and maintain business relationships. But in today’s wired world, old-fashion face to face meetings still matter and can become your small business secret weapon.


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