Are You A LinkedIn Slacker?

What’s a LinkedIn Slacker?

A LinkedIn Slacker is someone who has a presence, but is not active on the platform.  So, are you a LinkedIn slacker?

Are You A LinkedIn Slacker

I hate to admit it but I am a LinkedIn slacker!

LinkedIn was the first social media platform that I joined. Like many of you, I signed up because I received an invitation from a colleague, but did not spend much time on the platform.

I tweet every day (except Sunday) and am building my following on Twitter. The efforts are paying off, Twitter generates web traffic and leads.

My creative side loves Pinterest and it’s a big traffic director as well.

But somehow I am just being a passive LinkedIn observer. I tried, joined some groups and occasionally published posts but nothing consistent. In short, I am not walking my social media talk on LinkedIn.


Why does LinkedIn matter for small businesses?

It is the largest professional network in the world. LinkedIn is a strong platform for business-to-business (B2B) allowing business owners to connect to specific decision makers better than any other social media platforms.

According to Hubspot, LinkedIn generates the most customers for B2Bs (61% of companies) than any other social networks on the web. A good incentive to give it another try.

The most in-demand content is industry insights, so it’s the perfect platform to share your expertise.


Some of the steps that I am planning to take to improve my LinkedIn presence:

  • Audit and update my profile – it does need a tune-up.
  • Get into the habit of logging into LinkedIn every day.
  • Post relevant content.  As I schedule my tweets using Hootsuite, I can also schedule a relevant status update each workday. Make time to publish a post  once a week.
  • Work my news feed.  Engage with my connections by congratulating them on a milestone. Take a look at what is being published and posted, like and comment.
  • Find and participate in at least one LinkedIn group to network with clients, potential clients, and other business owners (LinkedIn allows you to be in 50 groups total.)
  • Recommend and/or endorse one person every week.
  • Research appropriate connections and send invitation to connect.  Let’s start now, connect with me on LinkedIn.  Here’s the link to my LinkedIn profile:


So there you go – this is what this LinkedIn slacker is committing to do in order to improve her presence on the platform and walk her social media talk.

How about you? What’s stopping you from using LinkedIn? Can you commit 10 minutes a day to improve your LinkedIn presence?

To your LinkedIn success!

Many small  business owners want to be active on social media but can’t seem to find the time. Sound familiar? We are here to help you GET IT DONE. CONTACT US today to find out more about our social media services.

Why does LinkedIn Matter for small businesses?

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