5 Marketing Tips You Can Use Today

There are many new marketing channels available to small business owners. And although it’s important to embrace new trends, it’s good to be reminded of the proven marketing tools and tactics that are still relevant today.

5 Marketing Tips You Can Use Today

5 Marketing Tips You Can Use Today

1| The Money Is In the List

Even before the internet, customer and prospect lists have always been a valuable asset for a business.

Build your list by collecting contact information over the phone or at your place of business.

Attract new subscribers to your list via your website and social media platforms by offering a free eBook, video, or consultation.

Or use a combination of the two to build an engaged list of subscribers eager to hear from you.


2| Use Email Marketing

Email is the oldest online social network and strikes many as old-fashioned with venues like social media and mobile marketing getting all the attention now.

But email marketing is still a powerful marketing tool especially when you build a strong permission based email list.  It’s one of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers and prospects, earn their trust and credibility.

Unlike social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…  You own your list.

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3| Ask For A Referral

People prefer to do business with people they know or where referred to.  Take the time to ask a satisfied customer for a testimonial, online review, or a referral. It’s a great way to increase your customer base and grow your business.


4| Say Thank You

The little things that we say or do in business can make a big difference. Saying thank you shows that you realize your customer/client could have chosen to go to your competitor.

Studies show that when you say “thank you” to your customers, they will spend more money and also recommend you to their friends. When they refer you to a prospective customer, thank them as well.

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5| Measure Your Marketing Efforts

Whether you choose  online advertising, social media, trade shows, television, radio, or direct marketing; a good way to track your marketing efforts is to ask your clients/customers how they heard about you.

This will help you assess what is working and what is not, and make changes or adjustments.

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Use those old-fashioned marketing tips and integrate them with the new platforms and technologies available now to build connections, engage with your customers and grow your business.

As a small business owner finding time for regular and consistent marketing can be difficult because there is always other “business stuff” that takes priority.

Contact us,  we can help you develop a plan that’s right for you.  We can even help you with implementation and staying on track with your plan.

Happy Marketing!