12 Ways to Engage Customers Using Social Media

In our previous post Your Social Media Checklist one of the recommended daily tasks is to engage with customers. One of my clients emailed me: “well, that’s just fine and dandy but how do you do that?”

12 Ways to Engage Customers using  Social Media

One important thing to remember is that social media is “social” and people value interpersonal communication online.

Here are some suggestions on how to engage with your customers on Social Media:

  1. Answer your customers’ questions.
  2. Respond to negative reviews and comments. Those are great opportunities to fix a problem publically; it shows that you care and want to make things right.
  3. Thank your customers for their testimonials
  4. Share links to your FAQs
  5. Get your customers involved and share their pictures using your products. Hold a photo contest to start the conversation.  One of my clients is a hairdresser and, with her clients’ permission, posts their pictures on her Facebook page and gets many comments and shares.
  6. Promote your clients’ blogs, social media posts or charities that they are involved in; they are sure to appreciate the exposure and may return the favor.
  7. Demonstrate your expertise by promoting your content. Share other industry content as well.
  8. Use visual content such as pictures, videos and/or infographics as part of your content marketing. An image is worth a thousand words AND can help you get a thousand clicks.
  9. Post behind-the-scene shots, the fun and serious moments you and your team have helping your customers, creating new products or having lunch.
  10. Share quotes. Quotes can reveal your company’s personality and if your fans and followers can identify with a quote, they’ll comment and share.
  11. Start a conversation by asking open ended questions.
  12. Don’t forget to use hashtags (#) to help you get found by a larger audience.


Social media gives small businesses a great platform to engage and connect directly with their customers and in the process achieve a competitive advantage.

But it all starts with a PLAN. Diving in without a goal, strategy and tactics just because everybody is doing it can be a waste of your resources.

Do you need help using social media for your business? We are here to help you GET IT DONE. CONTACT US for a free consultation.

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